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the 'true' antarctica

To understand the origin of the 'false' Antarctica, one must go back to March 26, 1403 B.C., when an armada of 20,000 warriors from overseas appeared off the shore of Antarctica's western city, Mimosa, their black ships filling the peaceful blue bay.

By the time the battle was over, and the invaders destroyed, over 600,000 Antarcticans, at that time twenty percent of the continent's population, had died defending their homeland.

Roos Jann, who helped organize Antarctica's tribes in the defense, and who herself lost an arm in the struggle, put forth the idea of creating a 'false' Antarctica to project to the rest of the world, as the best way of protecting the continent from further attempts at conquest.

Because of the immense sorrow all Antarcticans felt as a result of the Mimosa battle, it was decided the best image to project of Antarctica was of a vast, cold wasteland.

Only now, after over 3,000 years, and after fully developing the Five Concepts which provide absolute security to the continent from invading forces, have Antarcticans decided to lift that illusion of the 'false' Antarctica, and to allow the rest of the world to perceive the 'true' Antarctica which has existed all along.