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Rudo, the best dog in the world.

As a kid growing up, I always had a dog. When I moved to San Antonio in the early eighties to seek my fame and fortune, my folks kept the dog I had then, Bussy. Later on, my sister Karen and her husband adopted Bussy, and gave him a loving home.

When Cindy and I relocated to where we live now, in Richardson, Texas, for my new job with Metal Climax Solutions, we had a great new home built for us on a nice, wooded lot. After about a year there, Cindy asked if we could get a dog so she'd have some companionship on the weekends (this is before she met her best friend, Margaret.)

We went to a lot of the kennels around town, and wound up at Operation Kindness, which is a no-kill animal shelter run by donations. While we were looking at all the different pets available for adoption, I noticed one little puppy in particular who kept sticking his nose against the side of his cage, wagging his tail and trying to get Cindy's attention.

Well, that was Rudo. We've had him for four years now, and he is without doubt the most loving, loyal dog I have ever seen. Cindy tells me he's always right inside the door waiting for her each night when she comes home from school, and can't wait to jump up on her lap the moment we sit down to dinner (I have a theory he's getting table scraps from a certain member of our household when I'm not looking, but I haven't been able to prove anything yet-- just kidding!).

At night, after I help Cindy with her homework and we watch a little TV together, Rudo's all set to run alongside Cindy and hop into bed with her. By the time we finish our "goodnight" talk, usually Cindy telling me about a problem she may be having at school, or me telling her some funny stories about me and her mom, Rudo's head is sound asleep on the pillow, and Cindy's head is falling asleep towards Rudo's. When I come back in the morning, I usually find their two heads touching each other, my two little pals sharing dreams.

Fester got a job painting the yellow lines down the middle of a highway. All he had to do was put his paint can on the pavement, dip his brush inside, and slop down the dotted lines.

His first day on the job, Fester's boss was very impressed. "You painted over a mile today. That's a lot more than anyone else on my crew has done."

Fester's second day on the job, his boss came up to him and said, "You didn't do as good as yesterday, but you still managed to paint half a mile of lines, which is better than most of the people I have working for me. Good job!".

But by the end of the week, Fester's supervisor started criticizing Fester's performance. "Fester, you only painted two feet of highway yesterday! What's the problem?"

Fester looked up from the wet yellow dashes on the highway and said, "Well, that paint can keeps getting farther and farther away."