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I Came To Not Knowing Where I Was is Copyright © 2000 by Ralph Robert Moore. All Rights Reserved.

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i came to not knowing where i was

I came to not knowing where I was first time in my life that's ever happened not even waking in a room but here outdoors a peanut in my mouth I don't remember I don't know what's happening surrounded by trees on my back on unmowed grass all twisted up my arm under me one flung over my face the trees so high above in the trees grey twisted metal a blue chair stuck in the trees can it be is that big bland chunk of something a torso and over there that crook on the grass cannot be a bare leg it cannot be that can it I should roll my head around on my neck look down at my own body that crook on the grass with a sneaker on it floppy loops of sneaker lace atop the taut white x's through the eyeholes it cannot be mine can it?