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Clanging Up the Iron Stairs is Copyright © 2000 by Ralph Robert Moore. All Rights Reserved.

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clanging up the iron stairs

Clanging up the iron stairs blinded by tears clanging stumbling bang against the waist level bar of the emergency exit bang out into the overcast day out on a walkway forty stories up looking across the vast city the backs of buildings skyscrapers rising into the clouds so lonely so outside everything eyes red wet nose full of bubbles heaving sobs so overwhelming you can't breathe you can't breathe feeling outside the human race you can't go on falling to your suited knees please help me please pull this terrible sword out of me gasping dying casting out for anything to give you a reason to go on to give you hope all you see are distant cornices friezes moldings cupolas turrets finials the thoughts of men left behind in stone help me dear god please dear god help me find a way back in help me feel human again by viewing architecture.