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When Cockroaches Start Farting is Copyright © 2000 by Ralph Robert Moore. All Rights Reserved.

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when cockroaches start farting

When cockroaches start farting it's always so eerie it seems like it's always when you call in sick for a day watching morning talk shows and you hear it it seems to be coming from the stack of clean towels in the bathroom closet or late at night when the two of you are alone together in bed and it's only Tuesday night the noise is always so disproportionately loud for the size of them going out into the kitchen after midnight Danny not here yet both of you numb and cold she keeps checking the rolled-up bills in the container of quaker oats there's an extra ten in there where did that come from both of you giggling like schoolchildren who just found a turtle there's a loud rude fart in one of the wall cabinets or behind the refrigerator or under the stove in the walls themselves muffled this loud bubbling sound of a fart not to mention the smell.