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The Coolest Kids Gather in Father McCauley's Outer Office is Copyright © 2000 by Ralph Robert Moore. All Rights Reserved.

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the coolest kids gather in father mccauley's outer office

The coolest kids gather in Father McCauley's outer office usually eight or so boys wear tucked-in plaid shirts girls wear white blouses grey flannel skirts wrapped around their bare legs Brad says there's a new relevance to Catholicism today he looks at Father McCauley who nods in agreement later they will talk about the lawsuit this new kid comes in flops down on one of the vanilla sofas too tall dark floppy hair big Adam's apple pants that show too much sock not cool at all he talks in kind of an almost rude way you might say when Devon tries to make a point about Augustine's lifelong struggle with temptation this new kid blows through his lips makes a gesture in his lap like he's masturbating in half an hour everyone is uncomfortable Patricia and Theresa retreat to the little kitchenette off Father McCauley's outer office brewing more coffee and he sings Theresa says to Patricia I heard it from Molly the two girls giggle brush their flanneled hips against each other he sings return to the waiting room each holding two hot coffee mugs.