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I've Counted Them Twice Now is Copyright © 2000 by Ralph Robert Moore. All Rights Reserved.

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i've counted them twice now

I've counted them twice now and there are only ninety-two she said I have to do everything myself she said standing in the middle of the kitchen holding a regular thermometer up in her right hand to use as a substitute for a candy thermometer not a good idea the sugar bubbling clear in the pot Monica at the table said how many did you get the first time you counted them Louise said ninety-one Louise pulling off a perfectly nice blouse picking up another from the pile on the white kitchen counter putting the regular thermometer down on a black saucer holding her arms up shimmying into the new blouse dipping her knees in front of the microwave to check her hair in the ghostly grid image of the microwave her red lips looking brown in the reflection her blue eyes grey looking around at all the dalmatians jumping barking wagging their tails cleaning their crotches smelling each others' rectums hopping rubbing the sides of their black and white spotted faces against the edge of the dishwasher Louise looking down saying I have to do everything myself one two three four five that's six