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Sometimes When He Fell Asleep is Copyright © 2000 by Ralph Robert Moore. All Rights Reserved.

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sometimes when he fell asleep

Sometimes when he fell asleep a transparent mummy would float up out of him bandaged arms crossed on its chest muddy eyes shut a brown halo around its body the halo would blink like a werewolf's eyes the vertical slit of iris the furred eyelids the werewolf always dressed so debonair annoying to men alluring to women his shoes were always black shiny polished very expensive a long black cape fur combed straight back from his low forehead he spoke with an easily imitated accent blood on his teeth but when god came back each sunrise he'd get awkward on his feet big legs starting to stiffen until he could only shuffle arms held out forward in front of him shiny bolts on either side of his neck crackling weakly dumb eyes going heavy-lidded trying to cross the freeway he slipped on a melon fell on his black-jacketed back lying on his back in the middle of the freeway across the yellow dashes a car's approaching headlights growing larger more painful the car stops both front doors open two men in grey suits get out one tall and thin the other short and chubby the chubby one has a grey bowler hat on his head his name is Chick.