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If you're here, it's probably night. You can see a window from where you sit, and the window is dark. Who really knows what's outside?

I write. If you read, we've just made a connection.

SENTENCE is the forest you fall asleep into.

I created SENTENCE back in 1998 as a way of letting readers know a little bit more about me. Here you'll find about a dozen of my stories, the complete text of my novel Father Figure, essays of mine, videos I've made, photographs I've shot, a decade and a half of my on-line diary entries, some of my favorite recipes, and much, much more. I don't fear plagiarism. Ideas can be stolen-- a simile, a description, a plot, a joke-- but that will happen regardless of the medium in which your luggage is left alone on the airport floor. The truth is, fear of plagiarism is fear of readership. To be plagiarized is never fatal. What is more important is to be read. Because if it's in a box, and no one but you knows about the storms raging through the paragraphs, the footsteps plodding soggily down the sentences, water dripping off the rims of words, that's the biggest shame of all. A fizzle. Because the real achievement of writing is not the writing. The real achievement of writing is someone else reading the writing.

SENTENCE started as an island. Over the years, its accumulated bulk, added to each month, became a continent.

Art is an invitation to go inside someone else's mind. To see our world as they see it. SENTENCE is my mind.

I've been published in America, Canada, England, Ireland, India and Australia in a wide variety of genre and literary magazines and anthologies. My fiction has been called "graphically morbid". My writings are not for everyone. Are they for you? Find out.

I'm glad you came. I just lit a cigarette. I just poured Merlot. I hope you enjoy your exploration.

And to see what I'm up to right now, and what currently interests me, visit my page.

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"All was chaos, that is, earth, air, water, and fire were mixed together; and out of that bulk a mass formed-- just as cheese is made out of milk-- and worms appeared in it, and these were the angels."

-- Domenico Scandella, 1599 (Two years before being burned at the stake).

november 1, 2014

I'm proud to announce that my latest book, Ghosters, a novel in ten stories, is now available for purchase. It's available in both trade paperback and Kindle editions. 95,000 words.

When someone you love dies, are they gone forever?

Meet the Ghosters, and the desperate people who hire them.

In our modern world, only Ghosters know what comes after death. What stays behind. And what dwells between.

Ghosters are a small, loosely-connected group of individuals who travel the highways of America curing people of their hauntings. For as much money as they can negotiate from each client. They are legitimate. But they are not nice.

Here are the known Ghosters:

Stan Costello. Works with Bud Hardy. Their specialty is buying and selling bottled ghosts. For the right money, they'll bottle a fresh ghost.

Clay (last name unknown). Homely. Cold. All the food he eats tastes like mud. The apparent leader of the Ghosters. Handles the more frightening cases.

Tilda Clem. Six foot seven. Never fit in anywhere. Somewhat sympathetic to the people she takes on. But not much.

Patrick Kelly. Tall Irishman with an onion-shaped head. Along with Stan and Bud, maybe the most human of the Ghosters. Will never say a bad word about anyone. But a lot of blood on his big hands.

Matt (last name unknown). Young African-American traveling with Patrick as an apprentice, to see if he'll fit in with the group. He has the talent. But does he have the stomach?

Imagine a building where only half the building is haunted (and the rest is a thriving shopping mall); a haunted doll house inside an otherwise unpossessed home; family estates that are hundreds of houses long, each new house attached to the front of the previous one, the older homes disappearing into the swamps like a centipede; a haunted house that travels across America. Imagine ghosts that can only manifest in water (like the inside of your dishwasher, or your shower stall); ghosts who believe they're still alive, pay their mortgage each month, and can interact with others; bottled ghosts that are bought and sold like vintage Coca-Cola signs; ghosts that pass their flaw down through the male descendants of a family, like color blindness; ghosts that were unwanted house guests in real life, and now won't leave even after they die.

The stories comprising this 95,000 word novel are ten known cases in which Ghosters were involved.

I've tried to keep the cost of Ghosters as low as possible. The trade paperback is $15 in the US, 9.32 in the UK. The Kindle edition is $2.99 and 1.92.

If you thought life was complicated, find out what death is like. Ordinary ghosts aren't the only supernatural entity between life and death. There are neeks, plums, siliths, smudges, flesh ghosts, spirit ghosts, prayer ghosts, inbreeding ghosts, and that great white shark swimming in the sea between life and afterlife, The Fear Ghost.

To buy Ghosters in the US, please go here.

To buy Ghosters in the UK, please go here.

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